Love Notes... A few words from our pastor

You Matter cardThank you to everyone who made a contribution to the Benevolence Fund last month. Your continued generosity enables Community Spirit to meet select emergent needs experienced by those who often are overwhelmed and need reminding that they are not alone, even when they may feel this way.

On Wednesday evening, I received a call from a family in crisis. They had just been placed in a local motel and initially suggested that they needed an additional night’s stay. As we talked, I learned of a more pressing need—food. Knowing how much better I feel in stressful times when I’ve had a good meal, I offered to bring them a hot nourishing dinner from a nearby restaurant; 30 minutes later, I delivered it to their door along with bottled
water, fruit, and some homemade cookies.

As I drove over with their food, I remembered the stash of “You Matter” cards tucked in my wallet, so I pulled one out to pass along. When the family met me at the car, I quickly handed the card to the husband and said, “Please keep this close, and when you feel down, let it be your reminder.” He read the message quickly and then flipped the card over as if on the reverse side, he would find a qualifier or condition of some sort.

“You Matter.” There is no message we need to convey beyond this. Not “Join us for worship at the following times,” not “Got Jesus?” “You Matter” is everything Jesus did and said. And it’s enough.

Thank you for all the ways you help send this life-giving, soul-saving message into our community. Sometimes it’s at a Pride event, sometimes it’s a stranger in the grocery store, and sometimes it’s a family perched on the brink. Community Spirit, your light shines brightly; You Matter—here, there, and everywhere.

With you on the journey,