Ten Things About Us That Might Surprise You

  1. We welcome each person just as they are, especially those who haven’t always felt accepted.
  2. We aren’t afraid of science—or silence.
  3. We celebrate questions, confident that God isn’t put off by our doubts and uncertainties.
  4. We don’t agree on everything—and that’s a good thing.
  5. We mean it when we pray “on earth as it is in heaven” and know this calls us to create a more just and generous world.
  6. We take the Bible seriously but rarely literally.
  7. We care deeply about our planet and try to make mindful choices about what we eat and buy—and know we can always do better.
  8. We love to laugh—especially in worship.
  9. We are committed to supporting each person’s unique journey of faith.
  10. We appreciate our tradition but aren’t married to it. God is forever doing new things.