What We Believe

I am the UCC.

My roots go back 2000 years, but I am very much a church of today and now.

I embrace modern intelligent thinking:
I am even light-hearted.
My open-armed approach
appeals to people of all races and life styles, which might
explain why my congregations are diverse and unique.

I know that when we’re open and accepting,
people can be free to search, discover and flourish.

They come to me
to seek their own answers,
to look inside themselves,
explore their spiritual lives,
and grow.

My personality reflects Jesus Christ…

Eternally relevant.

I am the United Church of Christ.

United Church of Christ... A just world for all.

United in Christ’s love, we seek justice for all.

We are a distinct and diverse community of Christians that come together as one church united in Spirit to love all, welcome all and seek justice for all.