Love Notes... A few words from our pastor

When Community Spirit was first forming, one of the wisest things we were moved to do was to craft and adopt a covenant aimed at helping us foster healthy, mature relationships. Every so often, we revisit our Relational Covenant so that we might be reminded of our commitments to one another and so that we might pledge anew to live into our loving aims.

In case you haven’t seen it—or haven’t seen it recently—here’s a link to this document (which is always featured on our website):  As you read through this wise and worthy effort, is there anything you would change? Add? Highlight? Eliminate? What—and why?

Our Relational Covenant is on my mind because our lesson this Sunday from Romans 12: 9-12 speaks to how we are to live together in love. Here’s a link to that passage, if you’d like to acquaint yourself with it before worship later this week.

Between now and Sunday, take some time to think about your relationships with others at CSC. What enables you to engage in healthy, mature ways with your church family? What sometimes holds you back? If you were to make one inward change in the direction of more fully living into our Relational Covenant, what would that change be and why?

I look forward to meeting you at the intersection of our scripture and our Relational Covenant this Sunday! Let us trust that the Spirit will meet us there, too, leading us ever more deeply into nourishing ways of relating one to the other.

With you on the journey,