Immigrants are Welcome!

In Montrose, Colorado, there are resources available to support immigrants. Here are a few organizations and services you might find helpful:

  1. Hispanic Affairs Project of Western Colorado
    HAP is a grassroots organization that advocates for immigrant communities in Western Colorado. It provides leadership development, advocacy, and direct assistance to immigrants. Services include legal assistance, CO-RCSA driver’s licenses and IDs, and guidance on accessing resources.
  2. Montrose County Health and Human Services
    This agency offers various programs, including food assistance (SNAP), Colorado Works, family medical assistance, and more.
    While not specific to Montrose, MOSAIC provides information on immigrant resources across Colorado.

Remember that these organizations are committed to helping immigrants thrive and integrate successfully.

If you need further assistance, consider reaching out to them directly or dialing 2-1-1 for more resources.

Immigrants make our community STRONGER.

As our church continues to grow and revitalize, we will be better positioned to offer more direct assistance to immigrants in our community. Currently, we have established partnerships with organizations like HAP to provide help wherever possible.