Love Notes... A few words from our pastor

If you’ve ever dared step into a Walmart on December 26th, you know that when you get there, all evidence of Christmas will have already made its way to the clearance section. Filling the shelves just one day after celebrating Jesus’ birth is an overwhelming supply of heart-shaped swag and red-and-white-themed Valentine’s Day sweets.

Glorify: Reclaiming the Heart of Progressive ChristianityI’m feeling a little like Walmart this afternoon as I thumb through Glorify: Reclaiming the Heart of Progressive Christianity, the slim-but-potent book we’ll be reading over the course of the Lenten season. Rev. Emily Heath, a UCC clergyperson, was inspired to write this down-to-earth, conversational book to help progressive Christians like us to love God and serve our neighbors in newly-grounded and inspiring ways.

Although Christmas is barely passed and Lent doesn’t begin until later in February, I am already feeling a need to do some planning—and that includes encouraging you to purchase a copy of the book (if you haven’t already), as well as asking when you would prefer to gather for discussion. Because “Glorify” has three very manageable sections, it makes sense for us to meet for 60-90 minutes just three times. When we gather for in-person worship on January 8th and 22nd, I’ll be handing out response forms so that you can weigh in on your scheduling preferences.

In early December, when I first announced that we would be reading “Glorify,” there were no new copies for sale on Amazon, only used copies. Checking today, I see that new paperbacks are now available for $20 each. The book is fabulous, but I honestly think this is too much and so want to encourage you to purchase a used copy if you can. Because I know not everyone enjoys engaging in online commerce, I have already ordered two used copies for $8 each and am happy to pass them along to whoever claims them first. If your interest exceeds my modest supply, I will happily place an online order for you.

OK. Now that I’ve mentioned this Lenten opportunity and started the wheels turning a little, I can resume my focus—savoring the story of Christ’s coming to us and noticing where, here and now, he is eagerly awaiting my attention.

With you on the journey,